• saharan

    Trinket Boxes

    Perfect for small screws and parts

    • All Perforated Sides with mesh top
    • Saharan Steel
    • Variety of Stock Sizes and Custom Sizes
  • saharan

    Perforated Trinket Box

    Extra Strgenth

    • All Steel Perforation
    • Snap Lock Lid
    • Perfect Security
  • saharan

    Bespoke Manufacturing

    Custom Specifications

    • Suitable for your specific requirements
    • Limited Washers Height
    • Tailored to particular instruments
  • saharan

    Din Baskets

    Signature Baskets


    • Saharans Signature Basket found all over the world
    • Quality Steel and Craftsmanship
    • Lifetime Warranted
  • saharan

    Customised Dental Baskets

    Designed by Saharan


    • Specifically Designed To Hold Dental Instruments
    • Avoids Damage
    • Open Top with perforated Sides